Thursday, June 25, 2009

Déjà vu?

So does anyone else have a strong sense of déjà vu? Similiar images and theme's but not quite. It seems like this blog is quickly becoming a shrine to all things TCP. But I can’t help it. I am a creature of habit (those that know me are rolling their eyes and muttering “understatement of the year”).

The first card uses a stamp from TCP’s Smells like cake. I’ve used this image for so many cards, you’d think I’d be getting sick of it. But fortunately, b/c I get my money’s worth, I’m not. I love these little penguin dudes. And of course the paper is a repeat from the other post, BG’s Eva pack. Which is funny b/c my mama’s name is Eva. Perhaps I’ll do a tribute post of cards based off that pack. But eh…tribute to mom can wait…hehe. Now my mom’s probably thinking “ingrate” but what else is new…

The second card is another piratey card from the TCP’s Arghh! Piratey. I wanted to keep it simple b/c I just loved the way the treasure chest came out. Though it’s essentially the same as the treasure chest in the last post. In my defense, I did this card before the previous card. This is also a Mojo Monday sketch. And you know, I never claim to be crafty. I enjoy riding waves of other people’s brilliance.

Rest assured, I will have new cards with different stamps. And *gasp* they wont be TCP’s. Okay maybe I’ll post one or two, but I’ve got a few from different stamp companies. And I probably love them nearly as much…maybe.

Laters, yo.

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