Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is gonna be a quickie post b/c its late and a school night. This is from the Greeting Farm, Hope and Grace. Isnt she just adorable??? I still dont know if she's Hope or Grace.

Its actually a birthday card for a friend of mine. Her birthday's this saturday, and I'm hoping she'll like the card. Its bright and cheery, which reminds me of her. Ooh...and this is also based off a Taylor Expressions Cupcake Sketch. I do loves those sketches.

Anyway...the boss is yelling that its bed time. So I gots to run. But Happy early Birthday to all those born on the 18th (b/c I do know quite a few peeps).


  1. Cute! I know this one's not for me b/c I'm bitter and negative. haha!

    Happy Birthday to me and Tym! :)