Saturday, January 16, 2010

Procrastination at its best

There's about a million other things I should be doing right now. But I'm not. I've been reorganizing my stamps. Maybe it was inspirations from Jessica's editorial in the TGF newsletter. I really wanted those binders. Or some other way to organize my stamps so I can admire them without actually stamping...

So instead of housework, I pulled out my label maker, went through all my cds and made a royal mess. But the end result I have a bunch of my TGF, Verve and Bellas in a neat orderly PTI-esque fashion. And while kind of makes me sad. I mean how many other people can fit their most beloved stamps in a single shoe box?

I need more.

So for today's card, I was totally inspired and a bit case-y with this one. I just loved the card Lynda made in the Verve's starstruck gallery. It was so clean and simple. And of course I've been obsessed with the TGF Rockstar Anya. So I decided to combine the two.

I have a friend that we play Rock Band with alot. But being a boy, I couldnt very well send him a Rockstar Anya card. Well I could but I dont think he'd appreciate it as much. So I altered, or more like paper pieced, Rockstar Ian. Can you tell which ones I used? Its Edward's legs, the guitar and body are part of Anya, only I had to cut a bit of her shirt off b/c it looked a bit too flarey girlie. Then of course Skater Ian's head. Then I used some spica glitter pens to color in the stars. Even though the hubs said glittery was kinda girlie I dont care. Hehe...

The Dets:
Stamps: Verve Starstruck, TGF Edward, Skater Ian, Rockstar Anya
Ink: Memento, copics, spica pens, copic multiliner
Paper: SU! & MB

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  1. Cute!! The card suits Ricky (I'm assuming it's for him, yes?).